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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...a pair of police shootings sends shockwaves across the country - leading to two man hunts overnight. prayers ?not a group of citizens came out in support of our men and women in blue. and the role governor branstad could play in the new trump administrati interstate 380 at 33rd avenue southwest welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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overnight - a pair of police officers shot across the country - first - in the last couple hours - the man who shot a saint louis officer was killed. a 20-year police sargent was shot in the face during an ambush yesterday. yesterday.that officer is in the hospital in critical condition - but is expected to survive.the shooting happened last night at 7-thirty.police say the officer was just sitting in traffic when another vehicle pulled up next to his squad car and fired at least two shots.hours later - the suspect was shot and killed after attempting to shoot at officers again. (mayor francis slay, st. louis ) "this tells you how dangerous of a job it is and
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officers. we have to understand the difficulties they go through, the sacrifices they undertake to protect us and protect our neighborhoods" s"the good news this morning - the officer was able talk and move his extremities despite being shot in the face. but still - law enforcement community across the nation is mourning the loss of one our their own today.another 20- year-veteran of the force - was shot in san antonio - texas sunday. sunday.right now - this person of interest has into custody but police say there is still an active search for the actual shooter. officer benjamin marconi was killed just outside police headquarters.this one happened earlier in the day - just before noon.officer marconi had just pulled someone over and was writing them a ticket - when a second car pulled up behind him - got out of the vehicle - and shot him. (chief william mcmanus, san antonio police): "most families will be celebrating the holidays, sapd will be
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of the ultimate act of cowardice by a suspect who will be caught and brought to j" justice."police don't believe the original motorist - who was pulled over - had any relationship with the shooter. scott greene - the man police say ambushed to separate officers in des moines last month - had previously been flagged as a potential threat to police. police.70 pages of records detailing all encounters with the shooting suspect detail the long history of confrontation greene had with not yet made a plea on his two murder charges - but is set to head to court in december. about 3-hundred people came together in the corridor to support our area law enforcement.they held prayer services at police departments in cedar rapids- marion - hiawatha and at the linn county sheriff's 2 news reporter joe huisinga shares their theirmessage for the community and the officers who patrol it. it.
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crowds in front of area police departments were gathered for g. good. we did not come out here to protest or to yell at the cops or anything like that we came to come together in peace and to have a dialogue. 7 a dialogue that covers a variety of issues. issues. violence has been on an uptick and theres been concern about youth being killed about you know the police's connection to the community about police being killed. 16 organizers say this time of prayer is recent events but is part of a continuing conversation on the relationship between police and the public. public. theres been a group of pastors and police officers that have been meeting for months to talk about these big issues of how can we better pray for and support our officers but at the same time try to speak some ethics to them and help their day to day judgment. 14 divisions and opinions were left behind to focus on the greater goal. goal. this event was do. 5 asking them to what
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what we're asking them to do. 5 joe husinga reporting.those prayer events didn't happen without some controversy. controversy.the freedom violated the u-s constitution because government agencies aren't supposed to be involved in religious activities. another group- the "humanists of linn county" told cbs 2 news - they're thankful for those who put themselves in harms way--but the organization says it expects future events to be more inclusive of all community members regardless of their beliefs.linn county sheriff brian gardner tells cbs 2 news - the law enforcement agencies did not organize the events
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anything wrong. hundreds of protestors are now clashing with police over the dakota access pipeline. cbs two news reporter stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk . stephanie what is happening right now? now?jenee--here on twitter demonstrators say police are spraying tear gas--water and rubber bullets.but local authorities describe the protest as very aggressive. here are some photos from overnight.protestors set two trucks on fire--as they tried to cross a bridge near the pipeline. demonstrators say this pipeline will threaten their water supply and destroy tribal land. an estimated four hundred protestors are said to be out there right now--one has been arrested. arrested.last week it was announced that construction would be delayed for further
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president-elect donald trump will continue meetings with potential cabinet members this week.he still has a number of appointments to make - and as we told you last week - trump is certainly not behind schedule compared to past presi. presidents.this weekend the president-elect met with some of his biggest supporters during the campaign.former new york mayor rudy giulani and new jersey governor chris christie met with trump yesterday.giuliani is still considered to be a top choice for secretary of state - which has even some republicans worried. "and the problem with both bolton and giuliani is, they're unrepentant in their support of the iraq war. they haven't learned any of the lessons. and if we don't learn the lesson of the iraq war. we're liable to commit it " again."also being considered
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romney.he was a big critic of donald trump along the campaign trial - and actively tried to prevent him from winning the nomination. iowa's top leader says he would serve under the new presi. president.governor terry branstad told reporters this weekend - he'd be open to talk with trump about being the next ambassador to china. china.days before the election - trump said branstad's ties with china make him a prime candidate to work with the chinese.branstad actually just returned from an 8-day trade mission to china and admitted - so far - he hasn't spoken to trump about the position - but - will be in new york city early next month on an economic development trip. school leaders in iowa city are working to figure out how they can stop bullying triggered by the recent election. during their meeting tomorrow - school board members will detail how this political season was different - and how it is affecting children in the district. teachers and administrators will also get a manual outlining how political
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children who have been witness to this seasons rhet-er-ick rhet-er-ickit will also educate them on how to respond when this specific kind of bullying is reported and how to spot these behaviors. stay with cbs 2 news - tonight we'll have an indepth report on live at five. people in iowa city are also learning more about relationships between city departments and minorities. last week - the city's racial equity report was released. four years ago - the city created a diversity committee to look at issues related to diversity within the city. it shows a slight decrease in complaints to the human rights comission. and -while it shows an increase in police calls related to young offenders - the number of young people charged fell. iowa city's equity director says she hopes iowa city will see improvements in the future based on current initiatives. right now - iowa city police are looking for any more - -witnesses or victims of a
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involving b-b guns.between friday and saturday- officers responded to 35 reports- ranging from shot out car windows - to a person being shot.officers eventually arrested five teens and charged them with carrying weapons.if more witnesses or victims come forward - they could face more charges. it's and right now in it's de. degrees. still to come - hawkeye defense is turning it on - at just the right time. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have... have...
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ahead for the next hoursa&- courtesy of our weatherfirst skycama&- a bit of fog in the area this morninga& -temperatures around the areaa&- taking a look at regional temperatures we see highs are mild all around iowa - the regional satellite/radar is keeping conditions quiet - let's move ahead in time by taking a look at the midwest surface mapa&- moving into a closer view with our 'predictor' forecast we see mainly quiet conditions - today's forecast features clear skies & cooler temperatures- tonight's forecast has us looking for mainly clear & chilly conditions- the next three days show more dry and cool weather- our 7 day forecast
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it's now on this morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.up next in sports - on the rebound - the hawks try to bounce back after their first loss of the season. season.
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i took down north carolina, iowa state, and texas - this week - they've handed losses to arizona state an - so what's next for jake and the giant killers? - 11th ranked xavier... ben jacobson and the panthers looking to win the tire pros invitational - first half - let this man cook - jeremy morgan - stepback triple - right between the eyes - morgan was hot all night - he led u-n-i with 20...before the half - bennett koch shows some polish in the post - two pump fakes and a spin - two points for koch and the panthers...they just didn't have enough to beat xavier - tyrique jones
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u-n-i goes down.... 67 to 59 - but they're not done with xavier just yet - these two teams will play ?again? on saturday... to hilton we go - iowa state hosting the citadel... first half - monte morris doin' it all - the lay up in traffic is good - monte had a triple double in this's one of his assists - and donovan jackson helps a buddy out - his three is cash - jackson was one of figures... and the guy that led the way - naz long - rising to finish an alley oop - naz led all scorers with 26 points... the cyclones put up 130 against the citadel - and win by 67... after iowa's first loss of the season on friday night - fran mccaffery - was not happy - he wasn't happy about letting seton hall shoot over 50 percent - and he wasn't happy that his hawkeyes had more turnovers than assists - two days later -
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hawkeyes were at home sunday - against texas-rio grande valley... peter jok -- unconscious from the get go -- there's a swish from three point lad - jok had 20 points in the first half alone..while he was shooting -- tyler cook was slamming -- two hands for safety there - the powerful jam puts iowa up 46 to 33... they picked it up in the second half -- maishe dailey the steal, isaish moss the finish -- iowa bounces back to win... 95 to 67 - and fran's happy with his hawkeyes. hawkeyes."you know how we second half, because really in all three games, start of the second half we were nt that good.... the intensity level, the focus, the concentration, the execution at that juncture was critical. and we really did a good job there. i was proud of the guys" to the ladies now - iowa women at home against south dakota state... this one tight in the fourth quarter -- ally disterhoft - she has the clutch gene - the long-two cuts the lead to one with under a minute remaining... after a jackrabbit free throw -- the hawks get the ball back
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and ties things up at 64 with five seconds left... but macey miller didn't come all this way to iowa for nothing -- she drops in a jumper in the final seconds - and that'll hand the hawkeyes their first loss of the season... 66-64 -- it's gonna be a tough road for bluder's bunch - and they better get used to stiff competition... "we let an opportunity really slip through our fingers today and that's what really kinda hurts because this one could hurt us at the en year.... we're playing number nine ucla, number one notre dame coming up here so definitely we have a tough schedule but the problem is you know its not just one thing to play a tough schedule -- you do have to win some"the u-n-i women picked up a win today - 72 to 57 - over wisconsin-parkside - madison weekly poured in 15 - the panthers will play oklahoma state in phoenix on wednesday... on a cold, windy day in champaign - iowa followed the formula to perfection - run the ball - win special teams - and most of all - play smothering,
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"d" looks totally different than the unit we saw get handled by penn state - on saturday - iowa held illinois to under 200 yards of offense - limited the ground attack to two-and-a-half yards per carry - forced a couple turnovers - and the end result - was a shutout... it's exciting when our defense is playing at a high tempo like this - it's a good thing that we went out there - doing our job - and just playing as a unit little bit more attention to detail - little more determination out there on the field - the decisiveness - and then attacking it - it looked like collectively we played a really good game out there today - and when you get off the field on third down it sure gives you a chance the f-c-s playoff brackets were released on sunday - and for the first time since 20-13 - u-n-i failed to make the - a long offseason awaits the panthers - saturday's loss to south dakota state was the only loss that came by more than a touchdown - so is u-n-i isn't far from elite status - but to
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- and rebuild.. i think we need to step back and take a look at where we're at - what happened - try to make some sense of it - i'll remember how they played - what i'll remember is how those guys did that for us - but the missed opportunities and the close plays are what put us in the situation that we're done today right now, get t with up to 12 megs of high-speed internet for about 50 bucks a month for one year. directv has live sports... [ crowd cheers ] news... drama... -[ smooches ] -[ sobbing ] hit movies... [ film reel clicking ] plus hbo, starz, showtime, and cinemax for the first three months at no extra cost. you'll also get up to 12 megs of centurylink high-speed internet with fast in-home wifi.
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all for about 50 bucks a month for one year. so call centurylink at 855-440-deal. can someone pass the popcorn down here? that's 855-440-deal to get the directv select package with up to 12 megs of high-speed internet for about 50 bucks a month for one year. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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the arizona cardinals took on the minnesota vikings..but the biggest hit - might have happened before the game even started.check this out! out!one of fox sports crew members working on the sidelines crossed the tunnel at the wrong time... and got crushed by big old number 98 - he's listed at six-four - 330 pounds. good morning agn right now it's degrees in still ahead: you've likely seen the you've likely still ahead: degrees in degrees in right now it's now right now it's degrees in still ahead: you've likely seen the outcry after vice-president elect was addressed during a performance of hamilton. why critics say
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trump-transition issues. you're watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the corridor.
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cbs 2 this morning...police and protesters clash over the dakota access pipeline. donald trump continues his transition into the white house this week.what his next appointments might look like. and how our future vice president responds to the message he received while seeing the hit musical hamilton over the weekend. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2 weather
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new overnight - protesters and police clash clashin north dakota over the pipeline crossing four states - including iowa.tensions flared when an estimated 400 protesters tried to push past a long-blockade on a bridge. bridge.demostrators live streamed it on social media showing officers using a water cannon and tear gas.officials say at least a dozen fires been started.the bridge had actually been closed since last month - when it was damaged by a least one person is in jail this morning. this morning - the law enforcement community is dealing the ambush of two officers over the weekend. two news reporter stephanie johnson is at the breaking news desk with more. tephanie? stephanie?jenee--one incident
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texas and the other in st.louis--both were shot yesterday --the suspect who killed the san antonio officer is still on the loose and the suspect who killed the saint louis officer has been killed by police. texas cop is dead20 year veteran shot in face twice while writing a police ticket texas one person is in custody police are still looking for another suspectthe st louis cop is in critical condition expected to surviveshot in the head twicest.louis cop was sitting in car when he was ambushedpolice killed the gunman developing right now - president barack obama reaffirmed his support on the controversial trans-pacific partnership at his final foreign trip in peru. peru.that agreement received
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elect donald trump.he's called the negotiated deal a disaster fueled by special interest groups.sunday - obama said the u-s shouldn't back off of global trade - saying other leaders made it clear they wanted forward with it. president-elect donald trump resumes transition meetings at in new york this morning. over the weekend - he met with several prominent republicans being considered for top jobs in his administration. henna daniels has the latest president-elect donald trump capped another day of high profile meetings in new jersey...hinting at more cabinet appointments to come: (sot trump) well we've made a couple of deals but we'll let you know soonamong republican job-seekers who visited mister trump sunday -- former transition chair and new jersey governor chris christie...-nat/sot (trump) "many qualities, including he's smart and tough."...and
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consideration for secretary of state:-nat/sot (trump) went greatthe president-elect is also considering former rival mitt romney for the post.the two spoke for over an hour saturday.(sot pence/ face the nation) i would tell you that it was not only a cordial meeting but also was a very substantive meeting."many democrats remain concerned about those already offered key roles in trump's administration...including attorney general nominee-- jeff sessions. the president-elect has received criticism for attacking pop-culture figures on his twitter account over the weekend. weekend.trump targeted saturday night live - calling the show biased and not funny. and also the cast of the hit broadway musical "hamilton" - who gave a brief message to vice-president-elect mike pence -who was in the stands. trump called the cast "highly overrated" - and demanded an apology for pence.pence attended the musical on friday - and responded sunday morning
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i wasn't offended by what was said, i'll leave to others whether it was the appropriate venue to say it.white flash to president-elect donald trump meant what he said on election night that he is going to be the president of all the people in the united states of america. democrats are now arguing the hamilton chaos overshadowed a couple controversial actions by trump this weekend. trump agreed to pay a 25- million dollar settlement over trump university.on twitter - the pres wished he had time to go through a winning trial but said that wasn't an option now that he's won the ten days - the class-action lawsuit was set to be heard by a jury. jury.also trump's daughter ivanka was pictured in a meeting with the japanese prime minister last week.this is from new york times investigative reporter eric's now highlighting concerns about potential conflicts of interest - since ivanka and his kids are now running the trump business.
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pay it forward with impact. we are highlighting people in our community doing little acts of kindness without asking for anything in return.this morning - cbs 2 news anchor kelly d'ambrosio shows how one person can create a ripple effect and how one action can inspire others to pay it forward. forward. an angel of hope stands alone at xavier high school in cedar rapids.the statue commemorates all lives lost too soon. angel was erected through the efforts of kylie dewees.a junior in high school in 2012, kylie watched the tragic shooting unfold at sandy hook elementary school. i wanted to have a place people could go to either find hope or help heal.the angel of hope idea comes from a book called "the christmas box." box."every year on dec. 6 at 7pm theres a candlight vigil for all 124 angels of hope
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support group in dubuque read the book so it was fresh on their minds when they heard of the cedar rapids of the members, betty weber, explains, it had been on her heart for a while. while.i had been thinking about it for about 2 yearswe were kinda mulling over it in our mind we should get one for dubuque.betty decided to contact kylie's family to learn more about the process of getting an angel for thier town.: 07:45: 46 it made me really happy to see it kinda has a dominio effect once one person does something good in the community a lot of people try to follow and emmulate that. progress is now being the dubuque statue, the foundation is poured, now they are working to get enough money for the angel. it means there is a place for them to go and pray for the one they lost remember their children through thier lives and even in death. death. and now because of one young woman's caring efforts several years ago...many who are grieving will have a place of support and peace.i think when they go to the statue they really can almost feel the presence from their child there. or comfort of knowing
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all gathered for one purpose and that is support and rememberance. if you'd like to know how to contribute to the angel of hope statue in dubuque we have a link on our website cbs2iowa.comdo you have a story of someone "paying it forward?"we would love to hear it!all you have to do is email us at news - at c-b-s 2 - iowa dot com. a famous chicago chicken joint is making it's way to iowa city. harold's chicken is expected to open it's doors in the next month. according to a news release this past summer - the chain was supposed to open doors in iowa city in september. but - owner gerald seals' facebook page shows signs finally put up last month. he tells facebook followers - they'll open as soon as staff is trained. last week - seals opened his
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avenue north-east. he tells the press citizen as a chicago kid - he's glad to bring some chicago flavor to iowa. a cedar rapids business affected by the flooding threat threatthis year - is now raising funds to help pay bills related to flood mitigati. mitigation.iowa brewing company - packed up their supplies during the threat in september - and moved to higher ground.right now - they owe about 50-thousand dollars. dollars.their go-fund-me-page says all money donated up to their bills.any additional 20-grand would go to help cover the costs of being closed for a week.anything over that - the company would donate to local charities. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.after the break - how a texting mistake is turning into a holiday surprise for
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first forecast we have...
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a woman in arizona may have a new guest for thanksgiving this week because of texting mi. all started with a phone number mix-up.amanda goodman explains how it's made her a twitter sensation. (wanda dench, "thanksgiving grandma"): "i was stunned."and tonight, wanda dench 'aka' trying to process how she became a twitter all started with the best of intentions, a group text to her grandsons..(wanda dench, "thanksgiving grandma"): "so i said basically 'thanksgiving my house this date time, let me know if you're going to come.' but "i got a text from 'who is this' and i said 'its grandma!'"enter 17-year-old jamal hinton, who was on the receiving end of dench's text. since she said it was his grandma, he thought it might
5:48 am
home): "i asked for a picture.."(wanda dench, "thanksgiving grandma"): "i was thinking ok this is strange, so i took a selfie at work i text him the picture and i waited for a response. and i got a text back from somebody 'i don't know who said you're not my gma but can i still have a plate?'"once the embarrassment of texting a complete stranger subsided, she decided to respond.(wanda dench, "thanksgiving grandma"): "i just went with my gut and said 'sure, grandmas feed everybody."" hinton posted the exchange on that, or so he's since exploded-- and so has dench's phone.natsot: "its just a bunch of people. "hey grandma can i get a plate?'" tonight, she had a chance to meet hinton, thanks to the help of her other grandson. (wanda dench, "thanksgiving grandma"): "grandma wanda to be exact. hi, how are you??" and that offer to get a plate? well, it still stands hinton accepted the invitation and he's expected to be at dench's house on thanksgiving.
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.up next - the big way your holid
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50 million people are expected to travel this week for the thanksgiving holiday - but - if you're planning on flying through o-hare this week - you could see some major delays. delays.hundreds of workers at o-hare international airport in chicago are threatening to strike this holiday we could find out will strike and when they could start picketing.500 employees committed to the cause.airport employees have been fighting for a wage increase and union rights. two airlines are close to a merger deal this morning. morning.the deal between alaska airlines and virgin america has been held up by an on-going anti-trust evaluation by the justice department. newly filed court documents say that review could wrap up soon - maybe even before the
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the two-point-six billion dollar deal would create the fifth largest u-s airline. a recall to tell you about this morning - sabra dipping company is now issuing a recall on hummus over a possible listeria contamination. according to the f-d-a - the affected products were made at a plant where the bacteria may have been found.if you have a product with the best before date through january 23-rd of 2017 on the lid - throw it away.listeria can serious and even fatal infections in young children - the elderly and people with week immune systems. facebook is now taking steps to prevent fake news stories from being shared on the social media site. site.mark zuckerberg made the announcement after criticism that fake news could have affected the outcome of the election.zuckerberg says facebook is working to better detect fake news and to raise red flags about questionable stories.fact-checking organizations could be involved in the project as
5:53 am
for zuckerberg - who initially called the idea that fake news may have influenced the election -"crazy." it's right now it's degrees in coming up - with the hawkeyes likely bowling this year - get a jump start on planning your bowl vacation.what you need to know, next. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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here's a look at some of the other things going on around eastern iowa on this monday morning... right now - veterans groups are about half way through with a more than three-hundred mile march to iowa city.
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raise awareness of veteran suicide. they each carry a rucksack with pounds of belongings to signify the weight veterans carry with them after serving. about 20 veterans a day commit suicide after coming home - and advocates say - we - as a country need to figure out and talk about why. the marchers will reach iowa city this friday - just before the iowa nebraska football game. win or lose - it's safe to say iowa football is going bowling - although will fly this winter - we still don't know. for nearly 70-years the u-i alumni association traveled with the team - and they're already planning to handle arrangements this year. the bowl decision announcement will be made decmeber 4-th and as soon as it's revealed - you can sign up to reserve your spot on the tour on the u-iowa athletics page. starting today - the salvation army of johnson county will begin distributing more than two-hundred thanksgiving food
5:58 am
turkey - stuffing - potatoes and gravy and vegetables as well as a delicious dessert! new this year - the organization is also handing out supplies to make a holiday breakfast. the salvation army has local donors to thank for being able to continue these services which feeds more than 60 people on a given night throughout the year. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in still to come - how governor branstad could play an important role in a trump presi.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning --
5:59 am
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cbs 2 this morning...a pair of police a pair of police shooting send shockwaves across the country leading to two manhunts overnight. prayers, nods, protests. how group of citizens came out in support of our men and women in blue. stomach the role governor. branstad could play the new trump administration. is a live look at will? wilson avenue, southwest. the roads are starting to become populated but not enough to slow you down if you are about to head out. it is clear out there though it is little chilly.


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